What AFTAEATSPOS offers?

Innovative pos software with flexible hardware solutions

Data analytics and business insight

Point-of-sale system through mobile

Flawless mobile ordering and payment

Powerful mobile marketing inc. beacon technology

An integrated customer app

Seamless Mobile Payments

Can integrate with most payments gateways

AFTAEATSPOS is one of the pos systems to integrate with PayPal. That’s millions of customer that can now pay direct to your business without needing cash or cards at the checkout.

AFTAEATSPOS is a universal payment system

Apple-Pay and contactless payments are all accepted. Also the AFTAEATSPOS smartphone app is a secure Mobile Wallet. You can safely say that with AFTAEATSPOS you have all the latest payment methods covered.

A Superior Customer Experience

Through the AFTAEATSPOS app your customers can now order, pay – without even leaving their table.

Mobile Marketing

Through the Epos app your business has access to customers all over your city and beyond. You can:

  • Attract new customers by uploading exclusive deals or vouchers
  • Push relevant, location-specific messages to nearby shoppers
  • Reward customer loyalty and increase repeat custom
Beacon Marketing

AFTAEATSPOS uses the latest beacon technology, which makes it easy for you to push personalized, timely and location-specific offers to your customers at the touch of a button.

Collect & Understand
Valuable Data

Data is a powerful tool that can help you to understand your business and your customers. With real time information such as customer demographics, latest buying trends, most efficient staff and top rated products; you can make better and more informed decisions.

Hardware Options

AFTAEATSPOS is versatile. The system can be run off a standalone iPad or it can be installed along with all your familiar hardware choices. It entirely depends upon what setup your business requires.

A Superior Customer Experience

No more queuing at the bar, flagging down a waiter or trying to split complicated bills between friends at the end of a night.

Through the AFTAEATSPOS app your customers can now order, pay, open tabs and split the bill in moments – without even leaving their table.

Remote Login & Reporting

AFTAEATSPOS allows business owners to login in from anywhere in the world to see their live revenue take, stock levels and current customer numbers. If you own a single boutique or a chain of shops, this is the best way to get the result.

safe & Secure Payments

AFTAEATSPOS takes data protection seriously and has partnered with some of the biggest electronic payment partners to make sure the highest level of security is provided.Each transaction is protected here. Your payments are safe and secure here.

Paperless & Cashless System

AFTAEATSPOS can be used as a completely paperless / cashless system if you choose. All receipts can be emailed to customers and all transactions can be done through mobile devices. Welcome to the future of payment.